Thursday, August 30, 2007

summer again

Between last Thursday and Saturday, i was invited as an official photographer for events twice.
One is for opening party for NUDE JEANS and another one is for BIKINI SHOCK which I invited you in the previous post.
In latter case, I had a pretty good time by being surrounded by girls wearing swimming wear. Sometimes i forgot that actually i was thre for my job and down deer quite a lot.

However, even though I was drunk I couldn't get rid of the fact that it's being abnormal climate. Actually, it's not only this year, but for last 10 years climate has being strange. You feel like this strange climate is normal, now.

I wonder what's going on with our planet.
It is almost impossible to sort this situation out, but what am i doing to make it better? I asked myself then realise that what i do is really little, like "refuse to receive disposal chopsticks at convenience stores."

At least, I'd like to have fun with girls like this year next summer, again.
In order to do that... I made up my mind to be earth friendly person more..


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