Tuesday, July 31, 2007

stay normal

I took photos of popular porn stars, ASAHI and AKIHO to make collaboration products with APPLE BUM

You can see them at this site.
Sorry, it's all written in Japanese.

What is important to be star in Japan is how much you can stay normal rather than being professional.

Let me explain.
Staying normal is being able to think like everyone else does.

Yet, the same way of thinking with everyone doesn't have any proof.
We don't ask someone to confirm if it's normal.
We sort of assume which way of thinking doesn't make people think that you are wired.

This ability to get what is "normal" is a proof of Japanese.

To make it easy, take porn as an example.
Despite their professional work, their way of thinking has to be like this..
"No way, I'm doing something very embarrassing.. What am i doing!?
I'm a really bad girl"
People think that girls has to think like this..
Therefore, they have to express that they have that thought in front of camera.

In other words, there is no difference between work and private in Japan.


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