Monday, August 20, 2007


"B-BOY PARK", fes for Japanese B-BOYs, took place at Yoyogi Park for 3 days, between August 17th and 19th.Over 60 groups took part in.

This event started from 1997, so this year was 10th anniversary.

I've known the organiser, CRAZY-A for over 20 years, now.

In Japan, scenes that have grown and captured public attention dramatically are often labelled as "boom" by media. And media tend to decide and claim the ends of the scene after a while. Therefore, it's hard to form next generation. Why does it happen?

Within extremely consume-oriented economic principle, in order to keep the attention from Japanese audience, scenes have to make ever increasing sales.
Otherwise people get tired.

Especially if you are in such an environment, what is important is "keep it going with will".

Had a chat about it with CRAZY-A.
"It's pretty tough" he says.

Powerful tequila attack from day time 2 days in a row... It was a killer..


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