Tuesday, August 21, 2007


with the participation of
Hysteric Glamorous / ROEN / DITA Legends / CHER and Transit General office

August 25th (Sat)
@Urban Beach KULA Resort

BIKINI SHOCK shooting by me!

Named after Frank Fosters' seminal slice of proto-panther free jazz big band guerilla funk, Loud Minority are known for playing ghettotech to pub rockers, acid disco soundtracks to burlesque shows of old (especially 1965 film "Faster Pussycat, Kill!, Kill!") and let it not be mentioned, bebop, rare groove, northern soul, italo house, electro pop, hiphop, dancehall, indie punk, deep funk, rocksteady, everything in between, and a whole lot of shit on the outside as well.

David Dicembre :
From Belgium, he is playing in Tokyo's clubs as Le Baron, Velour and for many of fashion parties as Don Perignon or L'ECLAIREUR parties. He is also one of the Michel Gaubert (COLETTE Paris) recommend DJ.

VYNSEN: (www.myspace.com/vynsen)
from Nice France. After participate to lot of event and parties in France as live DJ, he change his environment to Japan where his start a new step of music. Vynsen get lot of inspiration from Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, DJ KRUSH and more and change it to his own music minimal world.

Representing Mugenkai Communication and Organizer of BIKINI SHOCK as ROYAL BABY'S, those twin brothers Julien and Kenny plays more than a genre of music. They just love to entertain !! It's more than a job...

Guest DJ Tomizawa Noboru

(VJ) Duplex inc. DSK+/sapo (duplex.daa.jp)
Magic entertainer at the VIP space "KOJI" (www.magicaldreamer.com)
Live show : Capoera from Abada Capoera (www.661.jp/abada/)
Fire Dance from Fire Dance Japan (www.firedancejapan.com)

And one of the main event of BIKINI SHOCK 07' is the BIKINI Contest !!
Special presents are ready for winners ! And also same as last year, the BIKINI SHOOTING from the great and only "YONEHARA" (www.myspace.com/4HORNYONE) and more... Special present for everybody who come at BIKINI SHOCK 07':
MTV×Tower records×Durex 『Be Sexy, Be safe』condom !!

We are all waiting from the heart to see you on Saturday 25th of august at Urban Beach KULA Resort (www.ku-la.com)
Of course there is NO entrance fee so please come and enjoy the last beach party of the year 2007 !!


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