Friday, April 27, 2007


Katsumi Watanabe is a photographer who was taking pictures of one of the towns in Tokyo called Shinjyuku with own definite point over 50 years. His photo book entitled "GANGS OF KABUKICHO" was released. You can see real 60s of Japan without feigning.

I got to know him when i was making a magazine called "Out of Photographer"10 years ago. He came to my office from time to time. After staying up till morning we strolled to Shinjuku for shooting. We kept doing this for months. He also participated in one of the photo books I made.

The photo book release reminded me the fact that he past away last year.
"Shinjuku doesn't excite me, lately", his last word.

Authority, gang star who don't care about rules, strip most of the big cities in Japan as typified by Shinjuku of production ie creativity. Who they need is only consumers who dutifully spend money.


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