Monday, April 23, 2007

Girls Girls Girls name is yone.....I'm a photographer, taking pictures of girls and culture surround them.kick off blogging from today.would like to introduce japanese girls as well as my works here.

To start with.. went to Nagoya to attend a fashion show, which is 1 and half hour away fromTokyo by bullet train, last job was simply just shooting girls, there.I've got free right to use all the photos.. very easy going job;)

The show was JILL STUART and charlotte ronson.So, 90% of audience were girls, girls, girls.. full on..Once, one of the models who had appeared the show earlier started DJingall the girls came up to the front and,as you can see from my pic, everyone had peace sigh!!

this peace sign means "Kawaii"(cute), by the way...


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