Thursday, April 26, 2007

clark magazine

Latest clark magazine from France includes my interview.

- The Tokyo street scenes ?

I think that original form of street fashion (scene), which has spread into all over the world, was born in Japan. We were making brand new sense of value for fashion that was completely different from the past. However, somewhere along the time, it drift into just a demarche to be involved in old school fashion system. You can find only few creators on the street which was supposed to be a place to create new things. As one of the few creators who has remained, I've been deploying various activities in order to grab back street as battle demarche in our hand.

- The reed space exhibition at New york ?

It was battle which a bold guy, Jeff tried to get back pornography in our hand using my artwork in the situation where pornography (you can replace it to street scene) has been dominated by old school system. Pornography is the most effective demarche for revolution.

- The hairy candy of the Japanese girls you shoot ?

It doesn't matter if it's good or bad, but I get arouse about "shame" Japanese have. Respecting girls' feeling, in my pictures, I tend not to show hairy candy which is Japanese girls' shame bit. But they don't know that I get arose the most about their act of hiding it.

- Paris ?

Partly because I've started reading French erotic novels and critique such
as Georges Bataille, just hearing a word "Paris" made me ejected twice in
front of computer.

- The future projects?

Exhibition in SF, Milan, Amsterdam, Taiwan, Hong Kong...I want to be myself more..

- Small tits / Big booty ?

Of course, both.

- Swagger-Phenomenon / Bape ?

What I can wear in Tokyo is Swagger-Phenomenon, Babe is too commercial for

- Sex toy / Sneakers ?


- Love / War ?

Of course, love.
No, can't fight even for the cause for love...

- Sushi / Yakitori ?

Whichever, as long as I can eat them with girls..


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