Thursday, May 31, 2007


All of a sudden, I've received a package from JAY, an artist based in Paris.
A CD entitled "OUR LIVES ARE TOO SHORT" was in there.

Recalled that he said "I'm working on music, now" when we took a walk in Paris last year.

They are called "OUTLINES".

The members are Jerome, Irefane and Jay1 who does artwork.

"LUCKY BOY" (DJ MEHDI MIX) is awesome!


I have started my own website called "CEXWORK".
Unfortunately, it's written only in Japanese.., but there are many pictures!!
Please check out.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Last Friday, I went to "MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN 2007" which took place at Saitama Super Arena where 50,000 people can get in.

my recommendation out of the permormers there is DJ OZMA (centre in the photo bellow. after performance) From Americanized young Japanese point of view, his "the Japanese" performance looked very fresh.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Makoto Aida and Akira Yamaguchi

On May 21st Monday, I went to The Ueno Royal Museum for an opening party. Makoto Aida and Akira Yamaguchi are having joint show there. Once, Makoto and I had a group exhibition together in LA.

I super recommend those Japanese artists.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


"WARP", real street magazine in tokyo.
I have my own pages called "TOKYO SWEET" there.
I shoot models from female fashion magazines every month.
For next issue, I'll introduce models from a magazine called "S-CAWAII".
Here are other cut from that shooting.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

DJ Falcon

Last Friday, i got to know DJ FALCON, one of DAFT CREW, through VASS from TVSION. He does not only music but also taking photos of people around DAFT PUNK and the places where he has travelled for DJing. unfortunately, i couldn't make his exhibition opening but it was full of people in front of the venue.

please visit his myspace.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Meguroshokudo is a night club in Meguro, Tokyo. I went there for a dancehall night. Japanese dancehall has been developing and establishing brand new style which is very different from Jamaican.

Please read the article about Japanese dancehall bellow which i wrote for NUMERO TOKYO.

Anyway, they are the sex icon these days. Even magazines for middle aged guys who had never heard reggae feature them and there are reggae dance feature within idol section at satellite channel, moreover reggae X sex porn is selling well. However, if you gain their information from only from those media, you'll never be able to capture their true nature.

At 3 am, their show time starts at clubs. it's always packed. what you feel strange there is the fact that although their performance has strong sex appeal to provoke men, most of the audience are girls. Often, they are students of the dancers on the stage at dance school. girls seriously try to learn the actions to whip up guys... Since what they learn is very close to instinct, automatically and easily their action (dance) escalates. But as they learn it seriously their instinct stays serious. It's the same for dance teachers. There was Jamaica as a pioneer. Therefore, I've never found them real erotic. I simply think that that's the way for Japanese reggae dance and I'm not criticizing them at all. There are different ways for Jamaican and Japanese. They are sex icons who are actually far from sex.